How much power do we need?

A single standard wall outlet not shared with any other appliances. If power is to be run, a dedicated 16amp circuit is preferred.

How much space is needed?

Portrait studios use layered canvas backdrops which are flexible in how they can be arranged to accomodate a venue's allowable space. Generally the minimum footprint required is approximately 10x10'.

Custom for your wedding?

Absolutely, we are able to create custom setups to pair perfectly with your event's theme or colors.

How do guests receive images?

Guests register on their phone via QR code and instantly receive all their images in a personalized gallery containing only their photos.

2-3 days after the event all images are available in a custom online gallery.

What is our capacity?

Posed portrait sessions take about 2-3min per session, allowing us to capture aproximately 25 sessions per hour or 50 individuals if photographed as couples.

Can we setup outside?

Yes. We are able to setup outside in shady, flat areas.